Monday, 31 October 2016

Android Storage

Android gives a few choices to you to spare determined application information. The arrangement you pick relies on upon your particular needs, for example, whether the information ought to be private to your application or open to different applications (and the client) and how much space your information requires.

There are five different types of android storage.

1) Shared Preferences :-

Store private primitive information in key-esteem sets.

2) Internal Storage :-

Store private information on the gadget memory.

3) External Storage :-

Store open information on the mutual outside capacity.

4) SQLite Databases :-

Store organized information in a private database.

5) Network Connection :-

Store information on the web with your own particular system server.

Android gives an approach to you to uncover even your private information to different applications — with a substance supplier. A substance supplier is a discretionary segment that uncovered read/compose access to your application information, subject to whatever limitations you need to force. For more data about utilizing content suppliers, Content Providers documentation.