Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Android Intents

An Intent is an informing object you can use to ask for an activity from another application segment. In spite of the fact that goals encourage correspondence between parts in a few routes, there are three major utilize cases are begin a movement, begin an administration, convey a communicate.

Intents looks like :


 There are two types of android intents :

1) Implicit Intent :-

Understood Intent doesn't specify the segment. In such case, plan gives data of accessible parts gave by the framework that will be summoned.  It does not require multiple screens.

Syntax : - By using Intent class
                Intent in=new  

2) Explicit Intent :- 

Unequivocal purposes indicate the segment to begin by name (the completely qualified class name). You'll normally utilize an unequivocal plan to begin a part in your own particular application, since you know the class name of the movement or administration you need to begin. For instance, begin another action because of a client activity or begin an administration to download a document out of sight.

Syntax: -  By using Intent class
               Intent in=new Intent(Currentclass.this,TargetActivity.class);
Explicit Intent

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