Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Android Studio full Installation

Follow how to install the android studio fully

1) JDK 7 or more (
2) Android SDK
3) JRE 6
4) Android Studio
5) Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (optional)
6) Android Development Tools (ADT)

Procedure :-

1) First install JDK 7 or more (download JDK)

    Right click My computer icon on desktop
    Select Properties
    Go to Advanced System Settings on Left pane
    Click Advanced tab
    Click Environment Variables button on bottom right
    Under System Variables, Click New
    Enter the variable name as JAVA
    Enter the variable value as installation path for the Java Developer Kit,Which should be         
    "C:\ProgramFiles\Java\JDK 1.7
     Click OK button

2) Android SDK (Download)
    Check below SDK Tool Package (Windows, Mac, Linux) and choose Android SDK Tools option.

3) Android Studio Bundle (Download)

    Below figure click the  DOWNLOAD ANDROID STUDIO image button.